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    Integrating E-Commerce with ERP in Dubai

    5 Sep 2023

    Customer behaviour has tended to be subject to a change in the everyday world and the significant shift has caused a tremendous upgradation to the market pace. Retail stores are now never a choice as the demand for online stores is taking its clutch in the market and for the same reason, a large number of businesses take a shift to eCommerce online journey. In UAE, the ERP solution provider in UAE tends to make a new market hike in the retail e-commerce market, and, now, the existing challenge each eCommerce sector or businesses have is to efficiently maintain their customer base throughout and serve them with utmost satisfaction. There is a lot to bring in hand when going online, one is mainly the customer itself. Customer demand would tend to increase frequently and to handle them efficiently, you should avoid situations like out-of-stock order management. 

    Managing the inventory tasks offline, may not deliver the customer expectations and may also fall short in efficiently dealing with the orders and delivery. So, with regard to these concerns, integrating your eCommerce with your ERP system will become the solution to the existing problem. When it comes to practical integrations for your online store, excellent Enterprise Resource Planning solutions are available in limited numbers as well. This procedure of ERP systems brings efficiency to your store and together enhances customers' shopping experience. It may engross ease and accuracy in assisting with delightful customer experience facilitating transactions. Likewise, integrating eCommerce with the ERP systems can provide many advantages too.

    Why is it Important?

    My business and service providers consider ERP integration as an additional expense and they think it may cause a disruption to business activities. Due to these reasons, many stand away from the same kind of upgradation.

    You can justify your expenses on a more elongated method through better integration and the benefits are on a heap for both customer experience and business operations. ERP integration may help in increasing efficiency and having indulged with an integration may enhance the productivity of the company as well. The linking of the disparate systems and the important pieces of data like orders, customers, shipping, inventory, items and so on. It can be time-consuming to enter the details manually and without integration, the manual effort with the ERP systems can be cumbersome as well. With the help of the integration of the eCommerce site with the ERP systems, the two systems stay connected and sharing goes automatically. Such an approach of integration may call you for more productivity in hand and take your business to the next level of success guarantee. The ERP integration put forward error-free business activities, which is not possible in the manual adjustments in the inventory, which somehow sometimes can be malicious or error affected. The error turned to cause in the inventory might change a long way around and would end up with huge reverse effects and negative impacts. There lies the importance of automating your system, an ERP system integration, to keep a hold on or completely eliminate the probability of making mistakes. To bring a clear picture, let's check on some common mistakes that tend to happen when information is siloed in different systems other than the best ERP software in UAE

    • Come up with invalid and incorrect entries in the inventory levels
    • The shipping address goes wrong or incorrect
    • Incomplete or incorrect product information gets revealed. 

    In a Nutshell

    To put it in a nutshell, inefficient processing may be the aftereffect your business would need to witness without the eCommerce ERP integration. This may put you at risk of customer dissatisfaction which could eventually spoil your reputation.